App for the Swiss Museums Association

Fit all the museums in Switzerland in the palm of your hand – that’s exactly what an app developed for the Swiss Museums Association (VMS) does. Taking the conceptual and programming lead, Hanna Züllig’s artistic background and firsthand creative expertise were key to landing this assignment for the internauta team.

In particular, VMS appreciated our strategic advice that the app had to do more than merely contain a dense amount of information. It also had to offer users a pleasant cultural and aesthetic experience akin to visiting an actual museum.

The multi-platform mobile app presents more than 1,200 museums, collections and exhibition spaces throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Available in four languages, it also uses geo-tracking technology to tailor content to a user’s current location. on iTunes (IOS) on Google Store

VMS (Verband Schweizerischer Museen)

Concept, Project- and Productionmanagement
Hanna Züllig

Hanna Züllig, Jérémie Baboukhian

Hanna Züllig, Alex Gustafson (netzbarkeit GmbH)

Concept, Interaction Design, Coding
Hanna Züllig, internauta

Concept, Graphic Design
Brigitte Lampert

recreate Studio

Portrait and Studio: Anne Gabriel Jürgens
App: Iris Stutz
ForumZ: Andrea Helbling, Hanna Züllig, pool Architekten
Hilti Art Foundation: Valentin Jeck

Hilti Art Foundation: Susanne Hofer