Museum's Website and CI

Winning an international competition to reimagine the website and corporate identity of the Liechtenstein-based Hilti Art Foundation, Hanna Züllig and Brigitte Lampert approached the foundation’s online presence as an extension of its exhibition space in Vaduz.

But the internet is a medium with its own dynamic. It has its own pace and sensibility. This awareness was crucial to the project. The internauta team emphasised both interactivity and conveying the sensuality of the art digitally. To accomplish this, the site has free-flowing photo galleries and makes generous use of white space.

Responsive design offers visitors a compelling experience regardless of their device. The foundation can easily alter images and the layout of the website via its own content management system.

The website, which made the «Best of Swiss Web 2016» shortlist, has garnered considerable praise from many corners.

Client Hilti Art Foundation
Architektur Morger + Dettli Architekten

Concept, Corporate Identity, Projectmanagement
Hanna Züllig, Brigitte Lampert

Webdesign, Interaction Design
Hanna Züllig

Corporate Design, Webdesign
Brigitte Lampert

Hanna Züllig, Dominik Stucky

Concept, Interaction Design, Coding
Hanna Züllig, internauta

Concept, Graphic Design
Brigitte Lampert

recreate Studio

Portrait and Studio: Anne Gabriel Jürgens
App: Iris Stutz
ForumZ: Andrea Helbling, Hanna Züllig, pool Architekten
Hilti Art Foundation: Valentin Jeck

Hilti Art Foundation: Susanne Hofer